Tax consultants

Consulenza fiscale

Tax returns according to Swiss and International Law

Do you require comprehensive advice for your tax return?

Ferrazzini & Partners SA is your specialist in tax consulting according to Swiss and international Law for natural persons and legal entities.

Our tax experts are extremely well acquainted with both Swiss and International taxation law and represent your interests vis-à-vis the relevant tax authorities. 

Private individuals, SMEs, banks and cantons have been putting their trust in us for 50 years.

Tax advice at a glance

  • Advice pursuant to Swiss and International Law;
  • Tax returns for natural persons and legal entities;
  • Representation vis-à-vis the tax authorities (domiciling);
  • Advice on probate and family law matters;
  • Value-Added Tax;
  • Tax deducted at source;
  • Social insurance (old age and survivors insurance , pension fund, 3rd pillar pension etc.).